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Lashes Info Guide

How to Apply Eyelashes Without Glue?

Having trouble applying eyelashes without glue? Don't worry - you can still achieve the look. Here are some ways how to apply eyelashes without...

Lashes Comparison

Flat Lashes Vs Regular

When it comes to flat lashes vs regular lashes, flat lashes have got an edge! A flat lash is an oval shape that adheres...

4D Lashes Vs 3D Lashes

When choosing between 4D lashes vs 3D lashes, it's important to understand the differences between them. The "D" stands for dimension, and the "number"...

C Curl vs CC Curl Lashes

D Curl Lashes vs C curl

Hybrid Lashes vs Classic

Cluster Lashes

Ardell Lashes

Best Ardell Lashes For Brides

In the midst of your wedding planning, you should consider wearing a pair of Ardell lashes for your big day. Long, thick lashes are...
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How to remove Falscara lashes without remover?

If you are interested in learning how to remove Falscara lashes without remover, this article is for you. It will cover a few steps...

Lashes Reviews

Best Ardell Lashes For Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, you may be wondering whether you should purchase the best Ardell lashes for the wedding. The good news...

Best Lashes for Almond Eyes

There are many types of lashes for almond eyes. Some are longer than others. These are the most popular. A rounded lash adds definition...

Best false lashes for hooded eyes

Wearing the best false lashes for hooded eyes conceal the condition. The lash crease covers the hood of the eye. Therefore, you can use...

Best Mascara For Asian Lashes

There are various reasons to use the best Mascara For Asian Lashes, and the first reason is that a good mascara will help you...

Best Lashes for Round Eyes

As a rule, round eyes tend to appear wider than other shapes, so using the best lashes for round eyes is beneficial for this...
Argan oil is a great way to moisturize eyelashes. However, you should make sure you get 100% pure oil to avoid irritation. It should...


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Hybrid Lashes vs Classic

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Hybrid Vs Volume lashes