Can Eyelash Glue Make You Blind?

Eyelash glue is generally safe for use on the eyes. Eyelash glue typically contains chemicals such as cyanoacrylate, which can bond quickly and firmly to surfaces, including the eye. If the glue gets into the eye, it can cause irritation, redness, and pain. In rare cases, the glue can cause an allergic reaction or damage to the cornea. While eyelash glue can cause eye damage or even blindness if used improperly, it is unlikely to cause blindness if used correctly and according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What should you do if you get eyelash glue in your eye?

If you accidentally get eyelash glue in your eyes, it’s important to act quickly to minimize the potential for eye damage or vision loss. Here are the steps you should take:

Rinse your eyes with water:

 The first thing you should do is rinse your eyes thoroughly with cool water for at least 15-20 minutes. It will help flush out the glue particles and any irritation-causing chemicals in the glue. You can use clean running water or a sterile saline solution for rinsing.

Blink your eyes:

 Blinking your eyes can help to flush out any remaining glue particles or debris from the eyes. So, try to blink your eyes when you get glue in your eyes.

Do not rub your eyes:

Try not to rub your eyes, as it could push the glue particles further into your eyes and cause more irritation or damage.

Remove contact lenses:

 If you wear contact lenses, remove them immediately. Contact lenses can trap glue particles against the cornea, which could lead to further irritation or damage.

Seek medical attention:

If you experience persistent pain, redness, or blurred vision after rinsing your eyes with water, seek medical attention immediately. An eye doctor can examine your eyes and provide appropriate treatment to prevent further damage or vision loss.

Document what happened:

 If you seek medical attention, tell your doctor what happened and provide as much detail as possible. It will help them determine the best course of treatment and make a note of any potential complications or long-term effects.

Things to do to prevent eyelash glue from getting into your eyes:

Eyelash glue is a popular cosmetic product used to attach false eyelashes. While it can enhance the appearance of your lashes and create a dramatic look, it is important to use it safely and correctly to prevent eye damage or vision loss. Following are the things to keep in mind while applying eyelashes:

Choosing the right eyelash glue:

When choosing eyelash glue, always select a high-quality, reputable brand specifically designed for use near the eyes. Look for waterproof glue that dries clear, and read the product label carefully to ensure that it is safe for use with false eyelashes.

Apply eyelash glue safely:

Use a small amount, apply it only to the lash band, and avoid contact with the skin or the eye itself. Use a clean applicator or the tip of the glue tube to apply the glue, and avoid using your fingers, as this can increase the risk of accidentally getting glue in your eyes.

Use protective pads or tape:

Consider using protective pads or tape to cover the lower lashes and prevent the glue from getting into your eyes. It will protect your eyes during the application.

Keep your eyes closed:

Keep your eyes closed to avoid accidentally getting glue in your eyes. You can also gently fan your lashes with a fan or use a blow dryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying process.

Use tweezers to apply false eyelashes:

 Use tweezers to hold the lashes and carefully place them along the lash line. It will help to prevent any glue from getting into your eyes.

Apply the right amount of glue:

Applying too much glue can increase the risk of the glue dripping into your eyes. Use a small amount of glue evenly along the lash band. Make sure to cover the corners of the lashes as well.

Allowing the glue to dry completely:

Ensure the glue fully dries before opening your eyes or applying makeup around the eye area. It can help to prevent the glue from getting into your eyes and causing irritation or damage.


Q1: Is eyelash glue safe for eyelids?

A: Eyelash adhesive can be safely used on the skin if applied correctly and not allowed to come into contact with the eyes. If glue gets into your eyes, it can cause serious irritation and damage, so it is important to take immediate action. Rinse your eyes with lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes to flush out any remaining glue particles.

Q2: Can you use Vaseline eyelash glue?

A: Research indicates that using Vaseline around the skin of your eyes and on your eyelashes is a safe option. Allergic reactions to petroleum jelly are uncommon, making it a suitable choice for individuals sensitive to other cosmetic products.

Q3: Can you wear fake lashes without glue?

A: Place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible for a natural look. The lashes come with adhesive strips, which eliminate the need for extra glue. Getting the placement right may take a few tries, so don’t worry if you need to adjust them.

Summing up:

While eyelash glue is generally safe for use on the eyelids, it can be dangerous if it gets into the eyes. If eyelash glue does come into contact with the eyes, it can cause irritation, discomfort, and, in rare cases, more serious damage. However, taking proper precautions when applying the eyelash glue, such as using a high-quality product, keeping your eyes closed while the glue dries, and avoiding contact with the eye itself, can help minimize the risk of adverse effects. If you experience discomfort or irritation after using eyelash glue, remove the lashes and seek medical attention if necessary. By using eyelash glue safely and correctly, you can achieve the desired look without putting your eyes at risk.

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