Can You Get a Facial With Lash Extensions?

While it is possible to get a facial on the same day as your lash extensions, it is not recommended. It is best to schedule the facial at least three to four days before the lash appointment. However, if you must have both services on the same day, you should schedule the facial first. In addition, you should make sure to cover your eyes with a towel before getting the facial, so there is less risk of steam damage to your lashes.

When you are getting a facial, avoid using any products containing oil or other products that could break down the glue on the extensions. A facial can be an excellent way to get rid of pent-up stress and repair sun damage. Make sure to talk to your esthetician before your appointment so they can properly prepare for your lash extensions. Also, discuss any allergies you may have with your esthetician.

After getting your extensions done:

After getting lash extensions, make sure not to rub your eyes or pull them. The glue on the extensions will dissolve if you rub them against your face. Also, you should try not to sleep on your stomach as this can harm the bond between the eyelashes and the adhesive. You should also avoid using a hairdryer or getting an eyelash perm.

Another important tip when washing your face is to avoid using running water. You can get a shower head with a handheld nozzle to avoid splashing water on your face. Some people even wear goggles during the shower to protect their eyelashes. Also, you can use a facial cloth instead of a round facial sponge. The facial cloth should be held above the eyebrows.

Summing up

The best treatment for eyelash extensions is to visit a professional salon for the application. Make sure that the technician you use is experienced in the procedure. A qualified technician will choose adhesives that won’t harm your eyes. Using a salon will also ensure your eyelashes last as long as possible.

After three days, the eyelash glue should be set. Then, you can have a facial. Just be sure to avoid applying heat to your eyes, and don’t use facial steam to remove the glue. A facial therapist can use a hot towel instead of face steam to avoid damaging the eyelashes.

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