Can you put false lashes on lash extensions?

It is crucial to keep in mind that false eyelashes will weigh down your extensions. They will also cause premature shedding and damage to your natural lashes. This can cost you a lot of money in the long run, so it is better to wear false eyelashes only when you have a fill appointment. However, if you can’t hold back, you can also use mascara to achieve a similar effect.

Unlike false lashes, eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks. A professional lash technician applies these lashes. They are usually made of synthetic materials or human hair. Different types of lash extensions are available on the market, including silk and mink lashes. The application process is more detailed than false lashes, so be prepared to spend a few extra bucks.

Although some make up can be worn with eyelash extensions, it is crucial to keep in mind that they can cause irritation or infection. Most lash technicians perform a patch test before applying extensions. This is an important step, because it allows you to know if you are allergic to the glue. Moreover, the glue used by lash technicians can cause irritation to your eyelid. Moreover, the area around the eyes is sensitive, so the weight of the glue can tug on your natural lashes.

In addition to avoiding contact with the glue that holds your extensions, magnetic false lashes are a better option. Magnetic false lashes hold them in place and can be removed easily by tugging. You can apply makeup with a magnetic eyeliner, which will keep your false lashes in place. Most people can safely use magnetic lashes, as the strip stays hidden. These false eyelashes are safe and don’t damage your natural lashes.

Some alternatives

Applying waterproof eye makeup is another reason false lashes shouldn’t be worn with eyelash extensions. They can be hard to remove and stick to the extensions. Additionally, waterproof mascara can make your extensions stick to your eyelashes, which is not a good idea. If you can’t resist wearing waterproof eye makeup, try using a water-resistant liquid liner. This will keep your lashes from rubbing and can reduce the lifespan of your false lashes.

Moreover, false lashes are not permanent. You can wear them for up to 2 months, but you must take care of them afterward. Otherwise, they will fall out and look patchy. Another downside to false eyelashes is that they are not covered by mascara. They also contain semi-permanent glue that can lead to watery eyes, itchiness, and even infection.

Disadvantages of applying false eyelashes with eyelash extensions

Before putting false lashes over your lash extensions, you should know a few things. They can loosen the glue, so you should avoid using oil-based cleansers and heavy eye creams. Then, you should avoid wearing heavy mascara because it adds weight to your already-fragile lashes and can break them.

It is possible to damage your natural lashes by applying false eyelashes, so take care to remove them carefully. If you don’t, you can ruin your extensions in the process. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes after applying falsies, which can further damage your natural lashes. This is especially harmful if you wear eyelashes with glue. Falsies also add weight to your natural lashes, making them appear thinner and less fluffy.

Putting false lashes over lash extensions is not recommended for people with eye allergies or alopecia areata. If the glue accidentally gets on your eyes, you could get allergic to it. Although it is rare when applied by a skilled lash technician, it’s still possible to get an eye infection.

Wearing falsies and eyelash extensions simultaneously is not recommended. Not only can falsies weigh down your natural lashes, they can also damage your extensions. If you decide to wear falsies with your extensions, you need to make sure you choose an experienced technician. It can be risky to wear false lashes with eyelash extensions, as they can damage them and even cause premature shedding. Furthermore, the glue that adheres to the false lashes can get stuck on the natural lash line. This can lead to damage and needing expensive repairs.

Summing up: Can you put false lashes on lash extensions?

Enhancing your eyes with false eyelashes is simple, but removing them requires care to avoid tugging or pulling. The adhesive holding them dissolves with oil, yet it’s crucial to note that false lashes aren’t compatible with eyelash extensions. For optimal results, apply oil overnight and rinse in the morning. However, if you tend to pick at the glue, seeking professional assistance is advisable.

Remember, wearing false lashes with eyelash extensions isn’t recommended. Doing so risks damaging your natural lashes and may even pull out the extensions. Opting for a volume set or using lash fans to fill gaps proves a better alternative.

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