Can You Use Eye Drops With Eyelash Extensions?

Before getting your eyelash extensions done, you should always ensure you’re fully aware of the risks involved. The adhesive used in the process can pull out prematurely. Before you schedule your appointment, consult online reviews and look at before and after pictures on Instagram. You should also confirm that your technician is state-licensed and works at a reputable establishment.

If you’ve had eyelash extensions done, you may be wondering if you can use eye drops with them. The short answer is yes, but you should use them with care. You should never get them wet and avoid applying eye drops directly onto the lashes for 4 hours. You can also use a few drops of eyedrops daily but check with your doctor first.

When getting eyelash extensions done, you should avoid applying eye drops right before and after. The reason for this is that eye drops may harm the extensions. Also, they can cause your eyelashes to become damaged.

Avoid eye drops containing oil, glycerin, or glycol for at least four hours after your appointment. It is also important to avoid using any eyedrop that contains saline or other oils.

Things to keep in mind

After getting your eyelash extensions done, you’ll want extra care to maintain the beautiful new lashes.

  • It’s important to avoid rubbing or tamponing your extensions, as this can cause them to fall out prematurely.
  • Likewise, avoid wearing face clothes or makeup pads, as they can pull off the extensions.
  • Also, brush your lashes every morning to keep them looking their best.
  • You should also keep your eyelashes dry for 48 hours after getting your eyelash extensions done. It is best to avoid using makeup removers or oil-based products for 24 hours after getting your eyelash extensions.
  • You should also avoid rubbing your eyes, especially if you’re prone to allergies. If you’re an allergy sufferer, you may want to postpone getting your eyelash extensions until allergy season passes.

It’s also important to clean your lashes after getting your eyelash extensions done. Keeping them clean will ensure that they last longer. The adhesive used for eyelash extensions contains formaldehyde, which can cause an allergic reaction. So, ask your lash stylist if the glue contains any formaldehyde. It’s better to get medical-grade glue instead.


While eye drops can help maintain healthy eyelashes, they can cause premature lash extension loss. The best option is to use artificial tears, which don’t irritate the eyes. However, you should avoid using eye drops that contain oils or other ingredients that can lead to premature lash loss.

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