How to clean Falscara lashes?

Cleaning your Falscara lashes is essential, so you should know the steps involved. Here are a few steps you should follow for How to clean Falscara lashes.

How to clean Falscara lashes

Cotton pad:

Using a cleansing wipe or a cotton pad soaked in a gentle eye makeup remover is an effective way to cleanse them. Afterward, brush the lashes out to prevent them from sticking together.

Before applying mascara, you should remove any excess mascara by applying micellar water. This liquid will break down any leftover makeup, including your false lashes. To remove the makeup from your Falscara lashes, take a cotton swab and gently rub it over the false lash. You should repeat this process several times a day, if possible. You can also try baby oil, extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil.

Use a cotton swab to clean off any leftovers to remove makeup from false lashes. To clean the lash strip, press it between two bottles of micellar water. While soaking, the lashes will soften the dried glue, and the makeup will fall off. Moreover, you can buy a cleaning spray for the lashes to make their cleaning process easier.


You can use a makeup remover or alcohol to clean your false lashes. Once you have removed the mascara, wipe away any leftover glue. It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging. If you want your Falscara lashes to stay fresh for a long time, you need to clean them every couple of days. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and properly to keep your lashes looking good.

How to clean Falscara lashes

Summing up:

Falscara wisps are lightweight. It is easy to apply and easy to remove the falscara lashes. You don’t need to use mascara to apply them. The glue is unnecessary as the lashes work well to eliminate the need for it. However, it’s not very effective at sealing false lashes, leaving your skin sticky. As such, you need to use a makeup remover to help clean them. If you’re concerned about the amount of adhesive residue left on your lashes, you can always opt for an alternative.

The advantages of keeping Falscara lashes clean include the fact that they last longer and look more natural. While false lashes do not require any special care, it is still important to keep them clean so that they last longer and remain safe to use. After using your Falscara lashes a couple of times, you should ensure they are cleaned properly before storing them away. It will also ensure that the lashes do not fall off or cause your eyes to get infected. Unlike strip lashes, the Falscaralash wisps last from two to three wears and do not need to be removed after every use. These are both inexpensive and reusable.

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