How to Clean Lash Tweezers?

Cleaning your eyelash tweezers between clients is an essential step in ensuring a sanitary and safe working environment. You can disinfect tweezers by cleaning them with an acetone-based solution or by using a disinfectant. You should also thoroughly dry your tweezers after cleaning them, so they do not retain any visible soil or organic matter. This will prevent microbial growth and stainless steel from corroding.

How to Clean Lash Tweezers?


Glue residue can build up on the tweezers by accident. If you notice that your tweezers are coated with adhesive, you may be doing something wrong. Use lash glue sparingly so as not to damage the delicate plating inside the tip. If the adhesive remains on the tweezers, you may have an improper technique when applying lash extensions. You can remove excess adhesive by washing your tweezers with acetone.

Water and paper towel

You can disinfect your lash tweezers by rinsing them thoroughly under tap water and wiping them with a paper towel. Make sure to store your tweezers upright and separate them with a stand to avoid scratching one another. Keep a clean backup pair in your kit, so you don’t have to replace them. A little extra time and effort go a long way.


Sterilizing your tweezers between clients is an essential step for a lash artist. The process takes about 20 minutes and kills microorganisms that may have gotten on the client’s eyelids. It is also important to disinfect your tweezers to avoid any problems in the future.


To maintain a clean, hygienic, safe environment, tweezers should be cleaned between each client. A simple solution to clean tweezers is acetone or a mild detergent. The solution should remove any dried adhesive, organic matter, or visible soil. Then, dry the tweezers to prevent microbial growth and stainless steel from corroding.


Keep the tweezer clean by using 70% alcohol. Higher concentrations aren’t necessarily better since they contain more water and penetrate the skin more slowly. Just make sure that you change the alcohol regularly.

Summing up:

If you’re using a tweezer that other people have used, you should avoid using any lash glue remover to clean it. The glue may react with the tweezer material, causing it to lose its color. The residue also interferes with the retention of lashes. It’s best to use a product with no residue. And make sure to clean them every day to avoid any possible issues.

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