How to Clean Moxie Lashes?

The first question that many people have when they get their MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes is, “How to clean Moxie lashes” It’s not a difficult process. The lash hairs are naturally moisturizing and are naturally waterproof. To clean your lashes, use oil-free micellar water with a Q-Tip or a tissue.

How to Clean Moxie Lashes

Micellar water:

To remove the mascara and make-up, simply use a Q-Tip and some micellar water. Gently wipe or roll the Q-Tip against your eyelashes. After removing the make-up, rinse them thoroughly and return them to their cases. Remember to wipe away any leftover eyeliner, as long as it is not oily.

90% alcohol:

When cleaning the Moxie lashes, you should use 90% alcohol on a cotton swab. Then, use that to remove any makeup from the lashes, and then gently wipe them dry. Then, you can apply mascara or make-up to them. Always remember to remove any eyeliner before applying magnetic lashes. And be sure to put them back in their cases after each use!

Q-Tip and cleaner:

If you have a magnetic lash, you should use a makeup remover to clean them. You can use a Q-tip to wipe the magnetic surface with a cleaner. Afterward, you should place your lashes on a towel. You should use a moist Q-tip to wipe the surface of the magnetic lash band. To keep the magnets clean, you should store them in a dry, warm place.

Things to keep in mind:

After you’ve put on your MoxieLash magnetic lashes, you should carefully clean them. Make sure to use oil-free micellar water that’s specifically designed for waterproof makeup. Gently apply the water to the lash band and remove eyeliner with a Q-Tip or soft tissue. To remove any remaining dirt, gently wring out the magnetic lashes by rubbing the hairs.

MoxieLash magnetic liners are waterproof. However, the product can be damaged by water, oils, and makeup. To clean the lashes properly, use a gentle makeup remover or Q-tip to gently wipe them away. If necessary, dry them with a towel. You can also apply mascara over the magnetic lashes, although it isn’t recommended. Using a cotton swab can help clean your MoxieLash lashes.

How Often Should You Clean Moxie Lash?

Clean the MoxieLash lashes as often as possible with a soft cotton swab or pad. After cleaning, apply the magnetic eyelashes and allow them to dry before applying them to your eyes. If you don’t want to get your lashes dirty, use the cleansing solution after each use.

As with any product, MoxieLash lash styles should be cleaned with care. You should clean them regularly to ensure that the waterproof formula remains effective. Afterward, it’s best to keep the magnets clean and fresh to prolong their life. To avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, make sure to thoroughly rinse your lashes after each use. Once they’re dry, gently pat them dry.

As with all makeup, MoxieLash magnetic liner must be cleaned after every use. It should be rinsed with water and used after each application. Do not pull the eyeliner off your lashes. Doing so can damage them. If you do, it will be easier to clean the lashes. You can follow the directions included with the magnetic lash cleaner. It’s a good idea to repeat this step with the lash.

How to care for Moxie’s lashes?

Moxie Lashes

Magnetic lashes are the most common type of MoxieLash product. They are magnetic and connect with eyeliner by magnets. To prevent the lashes from falling out, make sure you store them in their original packaging. You can also use a makeup cleaner to remove any excess oil. Once you’ve removed the magnets, you can reapply your lashes. However, make sure you clean the lashes thoroughly between each use, or else they’ll fall off.

The MoxieLash magnetic lashes have magnetic bands. To clean them, you should use oil-free micellar water. This solution is made for water-resistant makeup. To apply the solution, you should use a Q-Tip or soft tissue and gently rub the band with it.

The magnetic lashes should be placed in the case after applying the magnetic liner. The band should be held without touching the magnets. If you need to remove your makeup, you should use Olive Oil-infused Q-Tips to clean them. Do not soak the lashes or rub them with oil-based products. MoxieLash is waterproof.

Once you’ve applied the magnetic lash liner, you can wipe them clean by using a Q-tip moistened with makeup remover. The makeup remover must be oil-free, and it shouldn’t be diluted. If you don’t have a Q-tip handy, you can use it to wipe the magnetic lash surfaces. After you have used the magnets, you should place them on a towel to dry them.

How long does moxie lashes last?

Moxie Lash’s magnetic lashes come in a compact box. The lashes are applied to the eyes with magnets. The magnets on the lash band allow the product to stick to the eyeliner without removing the eyeliner. Because of the magnets, your lashes will stay on for many hours. If you don’t wash them immediately after application, they’ll fall out within a few days. The lash band can also be cleaned with a makeup remover.

The Moxie lashes are not affected by makeup, and they can last up to 30 applications. When properly taken care of, they can last up to 30 wears. Remember to clean the magnets after each use. Likewise, a magnetic liner contains an expiration date. This is because bacteria from the eye region can cause the product to harden. To make sure your lashes stay in place for an extended period, make sure you remove them right away.

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