How to Crystalize Lash Fans?

If you’ve been wondering how to crystalize lash fans, you’ve come to the right place. While many lash artists use premade fans, you can opt for the more personalized option of hand-making your fans. 

To crystallize lash fans, you will need the appropriate tools. This will help you save time and get a flawless base. Then, you will use a small amount of glue to lock the fan. You can use this same technique for your next lashing appointment.

You can purchase pre-made volume fans or make your own using the same process. However, handcrafted fans will take more practice. Besides, you’ll have to pay attention to form them correctly. It is also necessary to use the proper adhesive so that the fan doesn’t weigh down your client’s eyes. Pre-made volume fans are easier to work with, and you’ll be able to use them in less time during your volume appointment.

If unsure of your application skills, you can try using a makeup sponge or a mannequin head to practice on. This will help you practice and get the right placement. While the sponge will not mimic the shape of a human eye, it can help you practice. Here’s how you can crystalize lash fans:

  • You can put your desired number of eyelashes in a fan and then re-stick it down the strip.  
  • To create a lash fan, roll the lashes using the tip of the tweezers.  
  • Grab the fan from the middle and hold it in your hands. Dip the base in adhesive and pull it out. The adhesive will seal the fan.
  • That’s pretty much it!

What is a crystallized lash fan?

A crystallized lash fan is a special type of lash extension. It is specifically designed for the use of lash artists and is durable and lightweight, allowing for customized looks. Crystallized fans are available in three-dimensional, four-dimensional, and six-dimensional styles. Using these products, lash artists can create mega volume and hybrid looks that are distinctly their own.

This type of fan has a pre-made base of two to eight individual lashes, each glued together at the base. The fan is then applied to the client’s natural lash. The pre-made fans are either heat-bonded or glue-bonded to the lash. Glue-bonded fans require adhesive to adhere. These fans are typically the most expensive type of fan.

Summing up

Compared to other lash fans, crystalized lashes can achieve a mega-volume look in half the time. You don’t have to worry about the fan moving or closing during application. Additionally, these lash fans hold their shape and curl just as well as handmade fans. 

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