How to Fix Over Curled Lash Lift?

After receiving a lash lift, you must follow a few simple steps to prevent the lashes from becoming frizzy again. You can use eye gel or a damp cotton pad to remove the extra curl. You should try to sit your client up and open their eyes gently. Afterward, rinse them thoroughly with water or lash cleanser. If you still notice their lashes are too curly, you can repeat the lash lift procedure to fix the problem.

How to Fix Over Curled Lash Lift?

First, apply the Step 1 Lift Solution. Use a mascara brush to apply the solution and allow it to dry for two minutes. Next, apply the Step 2 Fix Solution to your lashes in straight downward strokes. You should leave this on for 3-4 weeks, then remove the product. This will prevent your lashes from curving again. Remember to follow the instructions carefully and gently when you remove the product.

Get a second one

While a lash lift is a cosmetic procedure, it can sometimes turn out wrong. In such cases, you should get a second one a couple of weeks later to fix the problem. Although this may result in a few weeks of damage to your natural lashes, it’s better to wait a couple of weeks to let the lashes fully heal. After that, you can relax them yourself.

Repeat your lash lift

You can also repeat your lash lift without using rods. If you did not apply the adhesive properly, the pads may end up curling from the tips only. In such cases, you can also apply another layer of glue. Repeating the procedure can take between three and five minutes. It’s best to use a solution to set the lashes for 1-2 minutes. This should fix the problem. If you don’t feel comfortable using the procedure, sleep on your back to keep your lashes smooth.

Reapply the perm solution

Another way to fix over curled lash lift is to reapply the perm solution. This is the easiest and quickest way to fix it, but this solution only works if your lashes are healthy enough to receive a lash lift. Make sure you do it carefully to avoid getting the solution in your eyes. Use a spoolie brush to apply the solution and use a cotton pad to wipe away excess solution. If you are unsure about whether you should do a second application, do not hesitate to ask a professional to help you fix the problem.

Apply a moisturizing oil

After your lift, you must clean your lashes thoroughly. If you have over-processed your lashes, they may become kinked and irritated. Moreover, the silicone pad may not be firmly positioned or separated. You will need to repeat the procedure again if the lashes are too clumped or super-kinky. In this case, you should apply a moisturizing oil like coconut oil or lash conditioner to rehydrate them.

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