How to Fix Over Processed Lash Lifts?

A lash lift is a cosmetic procedure that alters the natural direction of your lashes. This is done by breaking the disulfide bonds within the hair follicles and reforming them into the desired position. However, too much processing can cause damage to the hair, including the cuticles, which will not grow back smooth. Instead, they will have a porous finish, which is susceptible to product application.

A common cause of an overprocessed lash lift is improper shield size and placement. This can result in an uneven lift. It may also be due to improper solution placement or improper placement of the shield and rod. If the shield is too large or has too much skin between it and the eyelash line, it can cause damage to the lashes. In some cases, an overprocessed lash lift can be reversed.

How to Fix Over Processed Lash Lifts?

The first step in fixing over-processed lashes is to make sure you follow the directions on the packaging. Typically, lash lift lotions are safe for natural lashes, but you should follow instructions to avoid over-processing. The lotion you use should be able to leave on your client’s lashes for the recommended amount of time. Otherwise, it will damage the lash hairs and weaken them.

The second step is to apply nourishing lotion. You can either use a dry or wet cotton pad and apply the solution to your eyelashes. After application, you should wait for about 1/3 of the recommended processing time. The final step is to brush your eyelashes gently. You should remember to brush them from the base to the tip.

Reapply perming solution

The perming solution can become over-processed because of a few different reasons. Your eyelashes may be too oily, or your makeup could have formed a barrier between the perming solution and the eyelashes. It may also be because your lashes were not left in the perming solution long enough. Alternatively, your lash artist may have cut corners and not used the correct products.

If the lash lift is too pronounced, you should apply the perming solution again. Tweezers are also a good idea to straighten stubborn lashes. You can also apply coconut oil to the affected area, which will counteract the lifting effect.

Things to keep in mind

The procedure of applying an Over Processed Lash Lift is a messy and time-consuming process. The lifting process can be hampered by the use of oils and makeup. To prevent this problem, a clean and dry face is necessary before starting the procedure. A good sterile cleanser is recommended to remove any unwanted debris and dead skin. It’s also important to use proper tape techniques and eye pad placement to protect the lower lashes.

The lash lift procedure can be customized to the client’s needs. The client can select different shield sizes and rod sizes. Some clients choose different rod sizes to have more control over the look of their lashes. Another option is to select a custom shield. This type of treatment is messy and may not be recommended for people who have sensitive eyes.

After applying the procedure, the client should wait for 48 hours before re-lifting. This time period will give the hairs time to reform and form bonds. During this time, the lash lift process should take half an hour or so, which will allow the lash growth cycle to complete completely.

If you’re not careful, you may end up with overprocessed lashes. The glue used to secure the eyelashes to the eyelids can lose its stick and move. Also, the lash lift may not penetrate as deep as expected. To avoid this, it’s best to choose a salon that has an extensive reputation.

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