How to Make Mascara Last Longer?

Mascara is a staple in many people’s makeup routine, but it can be frustrating when it doesn’t last throughout the day. Whether smudging, flaking, or just wearing off, keeping your lashes looking full and defined can be hard. However, with a few simple tips, it’s possible to make your mascara last longer, so you can have beautiful lashes all day long. This article will explore various ways to make your mascara last longer and help you achieve the desired look for a longer period.

How to make mascara last longer?

Curl your lashes:

Curling your lashes will give them a lift and make them appear longer and fuller, making them less likely to droop or smudge. It will help the mascara to adhere better to your lashes, making it last longer. When curling your lashes, it is important to use a lash curler that is clean and in good condition. Old or dirty lash curlers can damage your lashes, making them more prone to breakage. Also, heat the lash curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds before curling your lashes, as this will help make the curls more defined and long-lasting. To curl your lashes, place the lash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible and gently press down. Hold the curl for a few seconds and release. Repeat this process a few times, working your way up the lashes. Then, apply the mascara as usual, and coat the lashes from root to tip.

Store Mascara Properly:

One of the essential things you can do to make your mascara last longer is to store it properly. Mascara should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. If the mascara becomes too warm, it can become runny and dry out faster. Also, it is important to close the mascara properly after each use to prevent it from drying out.

Use a Primer:

Using a primer before applying mascara can help to make it last longer. A primer will create a smooth surface for the mascara to adhere to, making it less likely to smudge or flake. It also helps to thicken and define the lashes, making them look fuller and more dramatic.

Use Waterproof Mascara:

Waterproof mascara is formulated to last longer and be more resistant to smudging and flaking. It is ideal for people with oily skin or those who tend to sweat a lot. However, waterproof mascara can be more difficult to remove than regular mascara, so it is important to use a good makeup remover.

Use a Setting Spray:

Another way to make your mascara last longer is to use a setting spray. A setting spray will help to lock in the mascara and prevent it from smudging or flaking. It also helps keep the mascara fresh and vibrant throughout the day.

Reapply Mascara:

If your mascara starts to wear off during the day, you can reapply it to refresh and revitalize your lashes. However, be careful not to over-apply, as this can make your lashes look clumpy and spidery. Instead, apply a light coat of mascara to refresh and revive your lashes.

Tips while applying mascara:

When applying mascara, a few tips can help you achieve the best results. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Start with a clean slate: Make sure your lashes are free of makeup or oils before applying mascara. It will help the mascara adhere better and give you a more defined look.
  2. Use the right brush: Mascara brushes come in different shapes and sizes, so choose one appropriate for your lash type and the look you’re trying to achieve. A smaller brush is great for separating and defining lashes, while a larger brush can add volume and length.
  3. Apply in layers: Applying mascara in layers can help to build volume and definition. Start by applying a light coat, wait a few seconds for it to dry, and apply another coat. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired look.
  4. Wiggle the brush: When applying mascara, wiggling the brush back and forth at the base of your lashes can help to separate and coat each lash. It will also help to avoid clumps.
  5. Be gentle: Applying mascara too vigorously can cause lashes to break or damage. Use a light touch and be gentle when applying mascara, focusing on one eye at a time.
  6. Don’t pump the brush: It’s tempting to pump the brush in and out of the mascara tube to get more mascara on the brush, but this can cause the mascara to dry out faster and become clumpy. Instead, swirl the brush inside the tube to pick up the mascara.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1: How long does mascara last if I use it every day?

A: Mascara typically lasts 3-6 months when used daily. However, it’s important to note that mascara should be discarded immediately if there’s a change in color or consistency or if you notice any signs of infection, such as redness, itchiness, or swelling. It’s also recommended to check the expiration date on the packaging and discard it after that date.

Q2: How many layers of mascara should you put on?

A: It is recommended to apply 2-3 layers of mascara to achieve the desired look. Applying too many layers can cause clumping, while applying too few may not give you the desired effect. It’s also important to wait for the previous layer to dry before applying the next one to avoid smudging.


There are several ways to make your mascara last longer, so you can have beautiful, full lashes throughout the day. Storing your mascara properly, using a primer, waterproof mascara, setting spray, curling lashes before applying mascara, and adding a few drops of saline solution can all help keep your mascara fresh and vibrant. Additionally, reapplying mascara as needed can refresh and revitalize your lashes. Following these tips ensures that your mascara lasts as long as possible and helps you achieve the desired look. It’s important to remember that while these tips can extend the life of your mascara, it’s also important to pay attention to the expiration date, discard it if it’s passed, and not overuse these methods to avoid damage to the lashes.

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