How to Remove Eyelash Extensions With Vaseline?

You can remove eyelash extensions using Vaseline at home. Oil-based products will help break down the glue and avoid irritating the eye, but it’s worth mentioning that this method isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires patience and perseverance to remove eyelash extensions.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions With Vaseline?

Before attempting to remove eyelash extensions with vaseline, you should carefully prep your lashes and skin. Apply a gentle cleanser or an oil-free eye makeup remover to the lash line. This preparation will help the vaseline lubricate the lash line and loosen any stuck extensions.

When you’re trying to remove eyelash extensions, be sure to use a clean, soft washcloth or a cotton swab. It’s important to use a quality cotton swab to remove any leftover Vaseline. Q-tips are excellent and are made from 100% pure cotton. They also have a softer tip than other cotton swabs, making them gentle on your eyelids.

Once you have removed your extensions, wash your face gently using warm water and a microfiber cloth. This step will remove any remnants of vaseline and make sure your lashes are completely clean.

What if vaseline hasn’t worked?

If the adhesive has not completely broken, it may be time to use a spoolie to loosen it. Make sure to hold the spoolie at a downward angle, so that you do not pull the lashes out. Alternatively, you can use a cotton swab to gently slide the extensions off your eyelid. If you still have any leftover glue, you can use a gentle cleanser to remove it.

Once you’re ready to remove your extensions, you can use a gentle cleanser to help soften the glue. You can also use a hot shower or a warm washcloth to help loosen the glue. You can repeat this procedure to remove the extensions. It will take at least three to five minutes, but make sure the oil gets onto the glue and doesn’t drip on your skin.

Olive oil can be another good option. Olive oil is safe for the eyes and is rich in squalene, which is compatible with eyelash extensions. While olive oil won’t dissolve the glue as easily as Vaseline, olive oil can help break down the adhesive. Applying a small amount of olive oil to the eyelash extensions is easy and safe.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions?

There are several ways to remove eyelash extensions. One method involves using coconut, olive, or castor oils. These natural oils are safe and non-irritating for the skin, and they can help weaken the adhesive bond. Apply the oil using a cotton pad, making sure that it’s completely saturated. Next, place it over one eye and gently run it across the eyelashes. Once the oils have soaked in, you can gently remove the lash extensions.

Once you’ve decided to get rid of your extensions, it’s time to remove your makeup. Make sure to remove any eyeliner or mascara first. Make sure you wash your face thoroughly but do not scrub. Once your face is clean, you can steam the eye area to loosen the glue.


While it’s possible to remove eyelash extensions on your own, a professional removal is recommended to ensure that the lash extensions are completely removed. This is important because eyelash extensions are stuck to your natural lashes with surgical-grade glue. Pulling them out or rubbing them too much can damage the natural lashes. Moreover, applying too much mascara can re-bond the extensions to the eyelashes.

Professionals use special removers that break down the glue and avoid damaging the natural lash. It’s also best to go to a salon to remove eyelash extensions if you’re not sure how to remove them.

Coconut Oil

A natural solution to remove your eyelash extensions is coconut oil. Coconut oil is best for this method, but olive oil, castor oil, or vegetable oil are also effective. The oil should be warm but not too hot. To use the oil, simply soak a cotton pad in it, then place it over one eye and run it across the eyelash.

Apply a little oil to your lashes and let it sit for 5 minutes before you begin the removal process. Be gentle and apply just enough to break up the adhesive. Don’t rub too hard, or you may accidentally pop the natural lash off. To avoid irritation and itchiness, apply a cotton pad to your eyelashes after applying the oil.

Makeup remover

Using a makeup remover is another option to remove eyelash extensions. It’s important to remember that the adhesive is glued to the eyelashes and must be clean for it to work properly. Avoid using cotton balls, as these leave behind lint that can damage the natural lashes.

Summing up:

If the adhesive is too strong to remove the extensions, you may want to seek professional help. A trained technician will have the necessary equipment to safely remove the glue and avoid spreading bacteria around the eye. Luckily, the cost of professional removal of eyelash extensions isn’t that high. However, removing eyelash extensions yourself at home can damage your natural eyelashes and make the adhesive irritant worse. Plus, you may end up with acne around the eye.

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