How to Take Care of Fake Eyelashes?

For optimal results, follow these expert tips: First, gently apply eyelash adhesive along the lash bands, avoiding direct contact with your eyelids. Wait for the adhesive to achieve a tacky consistency before applying the false lashes. Should you require touch-ups or seek waterproofing, consider utilizing an alternative adhesive. Refrain from applying lash adhesive to your lids directly. Instead, allow it to reach a tacky state before attaching it to the lash bands.

Avoiding hot and humid places

One of the most important things to remember when taking care of fake lashes is to avoid humid and hot places because they can ruin the glue and make your lashes fall out. Also, avoid touching your lashes for the first few hours after applying them, as touching them can cause more oils to accumulate and place extra strain on the lash roots. You should also avoid bathing your eyelashes during this time, as you should use only lukewarm water instead. You should also avoid going to saunas and very hot places.

Another important aspect of taking care of fake lashes is avoiding hot and humid places. This will allow the adhesive to harden faster. Therefore, keeping your clients out of such conditions is crucial as soon as they leave the salon. Similarly, if you live in a naturally humid country, you should keep your car and house cool and use fans to help reduce humidity levels. A humid environment will also promote the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Avoid sweating

Avoid sweating or going to the gym when taking care of fake lashes. Hot temperatures can open the glue and cause the extensions to slide off. You can also opt to wear a headband to prevent sweat from dripping onto your eyelashes. Sweat is also an enemy of lash adhesives, so don’t wear your fake lashes in these places. In addition to sweat, don’t forget to use a wipe to wipe off your sweat and rinse your lashes with freshwater after a workout.

Avoiding oil-based cleansers

It is important to avoid using any type of cleansers with oil-based ingredients if you want your fake eyelashes to last. Oil-based cleansers can be especially damaging to eyelashes because they can remove glue from false lashes. The same is true of facial moisturizers. The oil in these products can break down the bonding glue on fake eyelashes, making them loosen and fall off.

Avoiding touch-ups

There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to touch-ups and maintenance of your fake lashes. The first thing you should do is never touch them up too much. In addition to that, you should not pull or rub them. Also, make sure you remove them properly after each appointment to allow the technician to clean your lids and avoid allergies and unwanted infections.

Summing up: How to Take Care of Fake Eyelashes?

Taking care of your lashes has many benefits for your eye beauty. Without proper care, your eyes could suffer from various issues, from irritation to infection. Regularly caring for your fake lashes can keep them looking and feeling their best.

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